Kenneth Ronney Sculpture
Kinetic Sculpture–Stone in Motion

The Expectant Mother kinetic sculpture

The Expectant Mother detail viesThe Expectant Mother KineticThis Sculpture is a collaboration between myself, Ken, and Irina Dzhalalyants. Irina created the wax original from which the full size sculpture ( 28″ high) was then cast in bronze. She supervised the patina work and then prepared a wax “baby” from which I made a mold and then cast it in a flexible silicone rubber.
After many iterations and unsuccessful attempts, I worked out a suitable mechanism to make the baby move in a suitable manner.
The drive motor and electronic timer controls are all installed int he base of the statue. A bicycle brake cable runs up from the motor, cam and rocker arm in the base, through one leg, into the center of the statue. A bell crank then translates by 90 degrees the cable motion to get the baby to move. Anti-friction bushings and a roller cam follower were chosen for long life. The clear dome covering the baby is thermoformed acrylic sheet, trimmed and fitted to the cutout in the abdomen.
The motion cycle is controlled by a pair of timer relays. One is a 60 second timer which activates the second, a repeat-cycle timer. The repeat-cycle timer causes the motor to run for 5 seconds, stop for 3 seconds, then start again. This repeat cycle continues until the 60 second timer times out and everything stops. Both relays are industrial duty, off-the shelf units. A single push button starts the timing cycle. The motor is a sub-fractional horsepower D.C. gearmotor whose speed is set by the input voltage and gear reduction. The motor is running at about 2/3 it’s rated voltage to get a suitable speed. it is loaded to about 1/5 of its maximum rated torque. These conservative paramaters will insure a long motor life.
Follow the link to a YouTube video of the baby in motion:

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