Kenneth Ronney Sculpture
Kinetic Sculpture–Stone in Motion

Hand Sculpted Natural Stone Dumbbell Sets

Stone In Motion

*Hand Sculpted Natural Stone Dumbbell Sets*

5-lb Arizona Banded Travertine

burnished brass bar, red oak base

5-lb Belgian Black Onyx

polished brass bar, red oak base

5-lb Verde Antique

polished brass bar, red oak base

5- lb brown and white banded travertine,

polished brass bar, red oak base

8- lb French marble,

polished brass bar, red oak base

About Hand Crafted Dumbbells

Each of these dumbbells has been individually hand crafted from natural stone. Each dumbbell set includes a red oak base with a hand rubbed Minwax tung oil finish.
Each dumbbell set has a copyright and is individually indentified with a unique serial number and year of manufacture, plus the sculptor’s logo stamp.

Being made of natural stone, there may be small voids in the stone, which is characteristic of some of the materials used, particularly travertine.

The pictured dumbbells are examples of what is available, and what can be done. There are a multitude of stone types which can be used, each with its own colors and patterns. Materials can even be selected to match, compliment, or contrast stone used in a home or office. A few of the options available include malachite, turquoise, rhodochrosite, lapis lazuli, jasper, agate, petrified wood, etc., etc.

The bars pictured are all brass, with a burnished or highly polished finish. Copper or stainless steel can be substituted for brass during assembly. Solid sterling silver or sterling clad bars can be supplied. Gold is also an option.

Other wood types are available to match or contrast home of office decor. These include maple, cherry, mahogany, teak, or exotic hardwoods.

Use, Care and Cleaning

The natural stone used to fabricate these dumbbells is moderately durable, but cannot be subject to severe abuse like common iron or steel weights. If they are dropped on a concrete surface, they may break. The finish can be scratched if the dumbbells are slid over hard or abrasive surfaces, or even softer surfaces if they have abrasive particles of sand or metal on them which can contact the stone.

During use, a clean towel or piece of carpet can be used as a temporary rest for the dumbbells. This will prevent scratching.

If the stone needs cleaning, wash with a mild soap and water solution. A waterproof industrial epoxy resin is used to bond the stones to the bar. Water will not affect it in any way. Dry with a soft cotton towel. Do not use abrasive cleansers or strong acidic or caustic cleaners. These will etch the soft stone.

The brass (or other material) bar can be polished with any fine metal polish. Brasso works very well. Mother’s polish is another good polish. For a light touch-up polish, use a jeweler’s rouge-impregnated polishing cloth.

One Response to “Hand Sculpted Natural Stone Dumbbell Sets”

  1. Ken, I was just goggling you name on the internet and now I have finally seen you sculptures. I love them, they are amazing. I didn’t have a full application for your sculptures when you described them to me, but now that I have seen them, I have to tell you I think your work is fantastic!

    Well Done!
    PS. I also saw the YouTube video of “Epicyclic 2009”. Wow… quite fantastic.

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