Kenneth Ronney Sculpture
Kinetic Sculpture–Stone in Motion




Epicyclic is a unique kinetic stone sculpture which combines motorized motion with highly polished travertine and granite.   The smoothly flowing oscillating, rotary, linear and intermittent motions are mesmerizing to watch.  The piece took one  year and about 750 man hours to conceptualize, design, prototype, fabricate and fine-tune.

This piece was an exploration into what happens when one makes a machine out of stone, and what types of motions can be generated by an old-fashioned analog machine with no computers to sequence or direct complicated interrelated motions.

It is the first of a series of increasingly complicated kinetic stone sculptures. 

Ken Ronney, the designer/sculptor, is a retired engineer with a long-time background designing and fabricating precision industrial and aircraft machinery and equipment.  He has been involved in lapidary work and silversmithing  for thirty years.  After retirement from engineering, he decided to get into stone sculpting.  After making a few “normal” stone sculptures, he decided to try something completely different.

For additional information or a copy of the DVD showing Epicyclic in motion and during fabrication and assembly, contact me directly.

Ken Ronney,



Ken Ronney, 7357 Hesperia Ave, Reseda CA  91335  tel 818 996-1630;  cell:  818 625-6510 ;   e-mail

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